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Insignia Library System is a full-featured library system. It is Windows-based with simple point-and-click navigation; the system is easy and fun for library patrons and staff. Insignia Library Automation System is designed with a consistent, intuitive interface familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Office. You can explore the entire system with just a few mouse clicks, yet behind the simple interface lies a powerful database engine capable of maintaining millions of records.

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Library Automation Services


*Retrospective Conversion:

Our company converts library items (in any format, such as card catalog, title pages, photocopies, video recording, etc.)

áto MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging).



Our expertise staff offer you high quality of cataloging services to all information types ( books, periodicals, audiovisual, etc.)

áwith bibliographic control according to AACR2 and ISBD standards.

**We offer new leading service in Cataloging Internet Web sites (Remote Electronic Resources) and we are proud to be the

áfirst company to supply such service in Egypt.


*Authority Control: (authors, Subject headings, series, uniform titles)

we offer this service to our clients to assure the most benefits of any library system and it makes the search results more

accurate and save patrons effort and time.


*Reclassification :

Our company offers to all libraries and information centers whom willing to re-class it's collections from one classification

áto another, we use LC (Library of Congress), NLM (National Library of Medicine), DDC 21 (Dewey Decimal Classification).


*Databases Services :

We supply academic and specialized libraries with databases in all knowledge fields (Medicine, agriculture, Economics,

Business Administration, etc.)


*Library Integrated Systems :

We are the agent of one of the best leading library systems vendors all over the world

so we supply you with high quality library management system which fulfill all your library tasks from cataloging, circulation,

áacquisition to SDI service and customized reports with technical support and assistance of high performance staff.


*Library Consultation :

Our company proud of its excellent staff whom are ready to provide your library with 24/7 consulting service and our

áexpertise staff are ready to answer all your questions regarding to Collections development, original cataloging, evaluation

of library performance, inventory control, etc.


*Training courses :

We offer training courses for librarians and assistant-librarians to improve their performance to deal good with the new era

and the digital library.

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